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JOSEPH MIFSUD Where are you?

The man with all of the answers

                         BACKGROUND STORY

Who is Joseph Mifsud?
     Ben Bradshaw wants to know!

Ben Bradshaw, Labour Party MP from Exeter has been trying to get an answer to this question from both the University of Stirling in Scotland which employed Joseph Mifsud as a Professor; from the devolved Scottish Government, and from the British Government in London by asking questions in the House of Commons.

But each time he has been rebuffed.

Yet Joseph Mifsud is the phantom-like academic who was used to begin the war against President Donald Trump.

That shrill propaganda war did not begin in Moscow, it began in London, and the British MI6 (equivalent of USA-CIA) is at the heart of the matter - which is all tied to Brexit and a mysterious German lawyer who has been pulling Mifsud's strings.

President Trump is tearing up global trade treaties and the European Union is one of his targets. Germany is angry at Donald Trump because USA trade with Germany is tied to the European Union, and that turns both the EU and Germany into targets of Donald Trump.

The secretive British Crown (a corporation sole, not Queen Elizabeth II), holds all sovereignty over the British Isles, and they are aware of the division within its so-called United Kingdom and the struggle for power within Germany to turn the EU into a United States of Europe. That is what Brexit is really all about, and Mifsud had previously written about this issue, before the war with Trump began.

Therefore, when Nigel Farage who led the British pro-Brexit forces, then became center stage pals on the election trail with Donald Trump, the anti-Brexit forces tried to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President of the USA. When they failed, to stop him from winning on election day, they turned to a major smear campaign that began in London.

They set out to destroy Donald Trump no matter the cost, or who got hurt along the way.

This is ultimately a war about money: Big money and big government demanding big taxes to support big political lifestyles. It is also about a German-led political fight to create a United States of Europe.

One man, Ben Bradshaw, a Labour Party MP from Exeter in England, began to ask questions about Joseph Mifsud.

Ben Bradshaw wants to know more about the mysterious no-show Professor Mifsud who was hired by the University of Stirling in Scotland.

But no one wants to talk to Ben Bradshaw, and here is why:

But when Donald Trump did win - it resulted in a total war of disinformation to destroy him!

The Governor of California went further:

"Something's Got To Happen To Trump,

People Must Get Rid Of Him."

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 17: Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) speaks during an event at the National Press Club April 17, 2018 in Washington, DC. Gov. Brown participated in a National Press Club Newsmaker Program to answer questions from members of the media. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images): California Governor Jerry Brown Speaks At The National Press Club

 California Governor Jerry Brown: was very explicit in his message:

1. He called President Trump  " a saboteur 

2. He claimed that President Trump "would undermine America  "if we don't get rid of him ."

3. He made the appeal to "rid" America of Trump during a September 2017 interview with MSNBC.

4. He claimed that Trump was  "sabotaging the world order  "

5. He then said:  "…. if we don't get rid of him, he's going to undermine America and even the world " 


While many try to focus on Moscow, Russia; the real beginnings of this story are in London, England, because that is where a German named Stephan Roh set the wheels in motion with his Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud. 

The 'patsy' in this story is George Papadopoulos, who is a U.S. citizen born in America to parents with Greek heritage, and he was 'set-up' with information about Hillary Clinton's "missing" emails by Mifsud.

Then Papadopoulos blabbed in a London wine bar to Australian middle-man Alexander Downer. He was also part of the plot to "get Trump". Downer is a monarchist fighting in Australia to resist the dumping of Queen Elizabeth II and the Crown corporation sole that she represents, with an elected President.

When Papadopoulos told Downer what Mifsud had told him about the Clinton emails, then Downer reported his conversation to Robert Mueller at the FBI in Washington, D.C., and then the FBI opened a counter-intelligence investigation into Donald Trump!

However, while the 'stage' upon which this story is set is located in London, England; Joseph Mifsud needed academic credentials, and he was 'given' them by Gerry McCormac, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Stirling, at Stirling in Scotland. It was here that Joseph Mifsud became a 'Professor', but the students at the University of Stirling never saw him.

That strange link led British Labour Party MP Ben Bradshaw to write to Vice-Chancellor Gerry Mormac for an explanation. Bradshaw's letter was met with silence. So he copied his letter to John Swinney, the Scottish National Party Secretary for Education, and Deputy First Minister at Hollyrood (the devolved national Parliament that sits at Edinburgh.)

Swinney replied that the University of Stirling is an autonomous institution which has control over who they hire.

Getting the runaround, Ben Bradshaw, who represents Exeter in England within the parent Parliament at the House of Commons in London, then raised the issue in a series of questions. But each time he did so, he was told by the Speaker of the House that he was either out of Order, or Bradshaw was fluffed off by the Speaker.

All of this then goes back to the U.K. Foreign Office in London and to the institution known as MI6, which is the British equivalent of CIA. (MI5 is the equivalent of FBI.) That is because MI6 links to a man known as Christopher Steele who authored a so-called 'dossier' which began the trail that led to Roh; Mifsud; Papadopoulos; Downer and Robert Mueller.

If the current trail of rumor and innuendo is followed, then, as some have suggested, family members of Christine Margaret Blasey Ford, who is a Professor in Clinical Psychology at Palo Alto University in California, links up to the people behind the 'dossier' that Christopher Steele was working on - free of charge. (That is the 'dossier' about the 'peeing prostitutes in Moscow.) Ford is the accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault going all the way back to 1982 on an unspecified date at an unspecified address, and this is what the FBI was asked to investigate.)

Therefore, in order to keep to find a focal point in this entire story, we are following the trail that Ben Bradshaw has followed that leads to Joseph Mifsud and the University of Stirling in Scotland. Mifsud is the person who set in motion the propaganda war against President Donald Trump. Initially we limited our own editorial comments to links between articles published to date about Joseph Mifsud, and those that he came into contact with. But now we are also adding the very troubling similarity to the top secret WWII unit called the Political Warfare Executive. It was born in Winston Churchill's London, although its propaganda arm was situated in the English countryside far away from direct connectivity to Churchill and the British Crown.

The PWE came out of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) which Churchill directed to "set Europe ablaze", and it was associated with the  Special Air Service (SAS) which all gave rise to the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which in turn gave birth to CIA.

Special Operations Executive

Special Air Service

Office of Strategic Services

Central Intelligence Agency

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