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JOSEPH MIFSUD Where are you?

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The methodology initially used to undermine the credibility of Donald Trump has the fingerprints of Britain's MI6 all over it, because during WWII the British had engaged in such pornographic subversive broadcast and print propaganda that the story is only now emerging.

It is not emerging because investigative journalists are looking for source material into the origins of the so-called "pissing prostitutes" dossier, it is emerging because WWII historians are digging into the archives and finding documents that until very recently, would have been illegal to reproduce or even to talk about: even in a historical context.

But that is not the worst of it.

The Nazis began using this means of subversion first, and the British not only copied their methodology, but they took it several steps further into the realms of the most extreme forms of pornography.

So who has been manipulating the campaign against Donald Trump via Joseph Mifsud?

The answer points to a German lawyer named Stephan Roh who just happens to be a pal of Bill Clinton.

There are now several new video documentaries that are surfacing about the WWII pornographic British propaganda which is linked on this page. Watch the video material for yourself and you decide whether the fingers of the British MI6 are all over the smears directed at Donald Trump. You decide whether the story about so-called "pissing prostitutes" in Moscow, are but a very, very mild product that was produced by people with a lot of experience in this black craft of deception.

Look at the evidence and judge the facts for yourself.

It appears to be the same sort of pornographic smear campaign that both the Germans and British engaged in during WWII. Now it is being used in a German-British propaganda campaign aimed at destroying Donald Trump because of his support for Brexit.

The "mistake" that Donald Trump made was to become friends with the doyen of the Brexit campaign: Nigel Farage.

Please be advised that this video may NOT be deemed suitable for young children