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            The British Origins of 'Fake News'


"While broadcasting in Britain was the monopoly of the BBC, the United States had developed in a radically different direction – with free enterprise providing a wide range of broadcasters that made the BBC sound staid."

There were other broadcasters on the British airwaves - including the American Forces Radio (that was born in the UK!), and secret and powerful 'fake' news broadcasters!

"The Fake British Radio Show That Helped Defeat the Nazis"

Read about the British origins of fake news that spread pornographic sensational rumors targeting Nazi Germany  during WWII.

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Is there a new 'backdoor' psychological unit based in the UK at war against Donald Trump?

Is it a new version of the WWII unit known as Political Warfare Executive?

Was it based, like Joseph Mifsud, at the University of Stirling in Scotland?

Is the British Crown (which is NOT the Queen - she is its mascot), at war with Donald Trump?

Is the anti-Trump campaign of lies, smears and total propaganda linked to Brexit?

This site is examining background information to the geopolitical campaign against Donald Trump.

It is being expanded to include links and references to the methodology used by the WWII PWE.

The PWE engaged in the dirtiest of lies, smears and propaganda.

Officially in public, Winston Churchill pretended that he had nothing to do with it.

The British PWE in WWII was the pornographic version of James Bond!

The NUMBER ONE ENEMY OF THE USA is and always has been


Remember, it was the British who used Germans

to burn down the Library of Congress

and set fire to the White House in 1814.

The U.S. Declaration of Independence was in 1776. This attack took place in 1814.

In WWII Winston Churchill started a top secret means of attacking Germany known as the

Political Warfare Executive.

At first, President Roosevelt was unaware that it existed.

Because the British Crown did this once:

could it being doing it again ?

The issue is not one of comparing Trump to Hitler,

but comparing WWII British covert smears and lies.

This is the covert world where the end justifies the means.

The PWE methodology was similar to the methodology employed by Christopher Steele.

Steele invented the lies and the set-up that began in London with

Joseph Mifsud

… who worked under the direction of a German named

Stephan Roh.

Their 'base' was the University of Stirling in Scotland!

View this documentary, and then you decide …

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