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JOSEPH MIFSUD Where are you?

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The 'backdoor' creation of a United States of Europe by Germany, with the help of France, has been underway since 2003, but it was speeded up in 2009 and then implemented only last year (2017).

Read the contradictory paragraph at the conclusion of the news item shown below.

It says that Europe is not trying to create a European Army, but that is what it appears to be doing!

France has now dusted off General Charles de Gaulle's idea from the Sixties.

General de Gaulle placed the USA and Russia (USSR), on its equal potential enemies list.

That episode began in Scotland (UK) with a UK-USA deal over nuclear submarines.

The UK is now pulling out of Europe via Brexit:

before a full-blown United States of Europe is created.

A faction within the British Crown (UK) government are opposed to Brexit (including the Scottish 'devolved' government). They were hostile to the endorsement of Nigel Farage by Donald Trump, because it turned into an endorsement of Brexit.

That endorsement by Donald Trump turned Donald Trump personally into their enemy:

because he is in the process of destroying their global financial interests.

That is what the war against Donald Trump is all about.

This version of the Brexit story begins with a German lawyer named Stephan Roh.

Roh employed a man named Joseph Mifsud - who was supposedly a professor at the University of Stirling (Scotland), yet no student remembers ever seeing him there.

Mifsud's job was to snare George Papadopoulos with bogus information relating to Hillary Clinton's 'missing emails' (stored on a private server within a non-government building.)

By Using the Australian High Commissioner as their go-between London and Washington, D.C., that is how the entirely bogus 'Russia Investigation' was set in motion from London, England (UK).

Now Joseph Mifsud is missing.

Is Joseph Mifsud dead?

Has he been murdered to shut him up?