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                          Why the Silence?

altOn Wednesday, November 28, 2018, U.S. radio network show host Rush Limbaugh (left), was asked about the document that President Donald Trump has threatened to release that will expose the political and media campaign that is being waged against him.

A caller wanted to know why, after threatening to release it, Trump has not done so.

Rush Limbaugh tip-toed (as he has done before), right up to the edge of the answer, and then backed away again very quickly. But you can know what is behind Limbaugh's reticence and Trump's reluctance to reveal the contents of the document.

First, it is no secret that Rush Limbaugh who claims the largest weekday audience of any talk show in the USA, is very supportive of President Donald Trump, even though he has stated on air that Trump is not an ideologue and therefore does not share all of Limbaugh's views. Limbaugh acknowledges that Trump is operating according to the 1987 book 'Art of the Deal' which bears Trump's name as its author.

So, before going into the answer that neither Limbaugh or Trump will reveal (right now), here is what brought the issue up on the Rush Limbaugh Show on November 28, 2018. (This is a redacted version based upon Limbaugh's own written transcript of what transpired) ...

RUSH: Rockport, Maine. This is Kim. You’re up first today. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: You’ve explained many times why you think Trump is letting this play out. And I agree there’s political advantage, but it hasn’t showed up yet, it hasn’t been profitable. So why not put on the pressure? It’s clearly within his purview.


RUSH: Yeah. But he’s not even declassifying the documents that the allies… Donald Trump has had lots of allies on Capitol Hill who have begged him to declassify all of the documents having to do with the beginning of the investigation of his campaign. You know, we still don’t know when that really was.


They’ve lied to us about that. They tried telling us that the investigation began when George Papadopoulos …. who’s now serving a-two-week sentence for lying to …. Bob Mueller .... Two weeks! And he didn’t lie to anybody. This is the point. Papadopoulos was a nobody! Trump never even knew him! During the Trump campaign, when it looks like Trump’s campaign is getting serious, might actually win the nomination, then does, the media says, “Well, who are your foreign policy advisers?”


Trump said, “I don’t need any! I know what I think about the world!” The media says, “You’ve gotta have advisers,” and the Republican Party says, “You gotta have advisers.” Trump said, “Okay, well, go put some bodies out there and name ’em,” and Papadopoulos happened to be one. He didn’t know Trump from Shinola! So the investigators — McCabe, Strzok Smirk (who’s really the ringleader of this) get hold of a couple of spies they’re using from Cambridge and Malta.


Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor and Stefan Halper from Oxford and Cambridge, and they call Papadopoulos and say, “Man, we love the work you’re doing, buddy, we want to give you a $3,000 award and a trip over here to the U.K. to give a lecture at some highfalutin think tank.” Stephanop, “Wow!” Or Papadopoulos, “Wow! This is cool!” So Papadopoulos shows up. While he’s in the UK, Stefan Halper and Mifsud tell him that they’ve heard that the Russians have 30,000 Hillary emails.


Papadopoulos says, “Whoa! This is really big! I’m becoming a player!” Then they set him up to have adult beverages with the ambassador from Australia. And at the bar, before going to the bar, Stefan Halper reminds Papadopoulos, “Now, remember, George, about those emails that the Russians have of Hillary’s…” “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.” So while having adult beverages with the Australian ambassador, Papadopoulos happens to start bragging. He thinks he’s an ensign, saying, “Yeah, yeah, you know, the Russians have a whole lot of Hillary’s emails.”


Well, the ambassador of Australia’s in on the ruse so when he hears this he calls Struck Strzok Smirk. You know what he says? Hey, there’s some guy here from the Trump campaign, a foreign policy adviser says the Russians have 30,000 Hillary email. I’m not making a word of this up. And then they said, “My God, Trump campaign’s bragging about the fact the Russians have Hillary emails!” When this guy Papadopoulos knew nothing until the FBI’s spies and plants told him.


Well, they tried to tell us that that was the official beginning of the investigation. And that was sometime in 2006. It wasn’t. They had spies embedded in the Trump campaign long before Papadopoulos. Anyway, Trump could tell us. Trump could declassify all of these documents that would explain when McCabe and Struck Strzok Smirk and McCabe and Comey and whoever else really thought to begin the process to undermine the Trump campaign and then to undermine the Trump transition and then to undermine the Trump presidency.


It is ongoing to this day. He won’t do it. The reason is supposedly our U.K. ally, Stefan Halper and Mifsud and all these other complicit have said it would be really, really dangerous and risky for our allied relationship. I don’t think Trump wants to declassify this stuff because, as I have posited, I think Trump has calculated that there is political benefit to being seen as a victim in all of this, the victim of the campaign to discredit him, the target of this illegal investigation and so forth. And there could be other reasons why he doesn’t want to declassify it. (End of redacted transcript.)



This is the story which triggered the call ...

If this background story is released unredacted, then the 'fake news' bias of BBC will be exposed via Jim Naughtie who was Chancellor of the University of Stirling in Scotland.

Joseph Mifsud used the University of Stirling in Scotland as his 'cover' - in order to set up George Papadopoulos.

Now Joseph Mifsud is missing - maybe murdered to shut him up!

Revealing Mifsud exposes the German lawyer Stephan Roh who paid Mifsud, and Stephan Roh's wife ties into an upscale London boutique and the garments worn by British Prime Minister Theresa May!

The Rohs have also bought a disused and derelict castle in Scotland, because with its purchase came titles to British aristocracy.

Not only the British are exposed but so are the Australians who also played a part via their High Commissioner.

Then there is BREXIT which will be revealed as the UK jumping out of the EU before the German-French turn it into a United States of Europe with its own military and then dump NATO.

That is what the UK is actually pulling out of - before it happens!

President Trump via Nigel Farage had offered a new USA trade deal with the UK once the UK is out of Europe, but then Theresa May screwed it all up, and Donald Trump backed off to see how Brexit plays out.

The foundation of such a USA-UK trade deal would be built on the infamous United States of America Agreement (UKUSA) intelligence operations which involves Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Known as 'Five Eyes' it grew out of the 1941 'Atlantic Charter Agreement'; was renewed with the passage of the 1943 'BRUSA Agreement', which became the full-blown UKUSA spy pact on 5 March 1946. But the UK has been double-crossing the USA with Theresa May and Brexit at the core of it all