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This site has been created as a public service in the public interest by YesterTecs, an independent research organization countering the traditional use of the word 'history' by reaching back in time to reexamine existing timelines. For this reason we do not consider ourselves to be 'historians' per se, although others may choose to describe our work as such.

Because Ben Bradshaw is a British Member of Parliament who has taken an interest in trying to discover how and why Joseph Mifsud was able to use the University of Stirling as his base of operations, he is the person most likely to achieve answers to that question.

Disclaimer: The publication of this information as it relates to Mr. Bradshaw is not an endorsement of any political or social interpretation or official statement issued by, or expressed by Ben Bradshaw, it is merely a statement of fact that he seems to be unique among prominent persons in raising this issue, and therefore the most qualified to achieve answers.

If you are interested in assisting Ben Bradshaw in his endeavor, you are redirected to contact him via the public information that is available online, as shown below:

Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw MP

(Addressed as: 'Mr Bradshaw')

Ben Bradshaw is a member of the British Labour Party representing Exeter, England, and he has held several important political appointments over the years. To contact him by telephone at the House of Commons in London, SW1A 0AA, call 020 7219 6597, or by fax 020 7219 0950, or by email: 

You can also contact Ben Bradshaw via the Labour Party HQ in Exeter:  26B Clifton Hill, Exeter, EX1 2DJ, or call by telephone: 01392 424464, or contact by fax at: 01392 435523, and by via his website at and via Twitter @benpbradshaw.

Please note:

This independent web site has no official or unofficial connection to Ben Bradshaw.

This information is provided solely as a public service in the public interest.