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JOSEPH MIFSUD Where are you?

The man with all of the answers


Since George Papadopoulos is the person who directly links to Joseph Mifsud, and since Joseph Mifsud is the person who laid the foundation for the attack against Donald Trump, this book is a must read.

The strange thing is that no one is really looking for Joseph Mifsud - or if they are - they are doing it very quietly.

My take on all of this is that it is the sister story of 'Climate Emergency', etc., etc.; because in this book Papadopoulos begins his own story with the discovery of offshore oil/gas off the coast of Israel. Trump is very supportive of the oil/gas/coal industry, and that puts him at odds with the news stories about the tax-supported "alternative energy" mega-industries from electric cars to windmills, to solar panels, etc., etc.

To me this is where the Titan Clash is focused. It is all about shutting down 'fossil fuels' and replacing that industry with another industry supported by tax-payers who are funding these non-commercially-sustainable "alternate" energy fuels.

This book offers an explanation about is really behind the 'war' on Donald Trump.