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JOSEPH MIFSUD Where are you?

The man with all of the answers



1. Donald Trump announced that he would run for president and the Obama/Clinton faction laughed.

2. Donald Trump welcomed support from Nigel Farage.

3. Nigel Farage promoted Brexit.

4. Donald Trump endorsed Brexit.

5. British Crown furious with Donald Trump.

6. Donald Trump wins - Clinton and Crown are horrified.

7. Undermine Donald Trump campaign begins.

8. Brexit stalls over the Irish issue.
9. Brexit could mean a united Ireland - goodbye UK.
10. Crown heavily involved in discrediting Trump.
11. Irish issues becomes a anti-Brexit issue.

12. New calls for another anti-Brexit vote.

13. Anti-Trump campaign goes shrill with sex stories.

The fake media, led by BBC 'News' is leading the charge against Donald Trump on behalf of the British Crown.

At stake is the survival of the present UK - if Trump manages to weather all of the attacks. So the more dangerous for the UK that the Irish issue becomes, the more shrill the attacks become.

But its not Obama, or Clinton or Roh or Mifsud who are driving this anti-Trump campaign... it is the British Crown.

To succeed Trump needs to help to destroy the British Crown once and for all - it's the only way to shut them up ….
or Donald Trump has to do an about face and support the British Crown and turn against Farage and Brexit by backing a new vote to keep the UK inside the EU.

This woman is merely the official 'mascot' of the British Crown corporation sole.

The power behind this throne is wielded by the inner core of the British Privy Council, which while large in overall size, is actually controlled by relatively small judiciary and financial committees - all sworn to secrecy within its non-democratic modus operandi. Parliament answers to its whims, because some members of the Privy Council also sit within Parliament. Currently the name of its mascot is Elizabeth, and she opens each Parliament amid much pomp and circumstance. Although called Elizabeth II, she is actually Elizabeth 1 in Scotland, because Scotland never had a Queen by that name before! The British Crown is sovereign of the United Kingdom.

This storyline above will be updated, expanded and referenced.

September 24, 2018